In Pictures: 2531 back in fleet livery on Tramlink

A story we haven’t reported on is the fact that London Tramlink 2531 is now running in standard fleet livery again having lost its advertising vinyls for Taylor Rose MW. The vinyls had actually been removed as far back as September 2022 (if not earlier) but the fact this had happened seemed to pass us by (even though we’d included a photo of it back in fleet livery – must pay more attention in future!).

2531 had originally received this advert in July 2021 with the ends of the tram remaining in fleet livery and the remainder being wrapped in a pink based vinyl. Although we don’t know for certain (and the advert was definitely still in place in March 2022) we’d hazard a guess that the advert was removed around July 2022 (giving it a one year contract) – but that really is a guess.

With 2531 now in fleet livery the only tram on Tramlink not to be running with the standard fleet livery is 2554 which is in its very long standing “Love Croydon” promotional livery. This has now been in place for over 10 years having been originally added to the tram in June 2012, making it be far the longest modern tram advert livery in the UK.

2531 and its fleet livery is spotted here as it drops down the slope from Norwood South Park and nears Arena with a service to Therapia Lane. When this photo was taken there were no trams to Wimbledon because of engineering works. (Photograph by Tony Sullivan, 13th February 2023)

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