Stop by Stop: Nottingham Express Transit: Hucknall & Phoenix Park – David Lane

Its time to continue our trip on Nottingham Express Transit as we head towards Hucknall and Phoenix Park and today we reach the stop at David Lane.

After we depart the previous stop at Basford we continue to be accompanied by the Robin Hood line on the right as we run on a reserved section of track. Shortly before we reach the next step we come to the David Lane level crossing which includes barriers across the railway line but not the tramway, although both are signal controlled. We then immediately arrive at David Lane which is a standard stop with platforms either side of the two tracks and features shelters, passenger information displays, information panels and everything else we have come to expect!

232 pulls into David Lane when working a service from Hucknall to Toton Lane. We can just make out the railway line beyond the platform the tram is calling at.

This shot is taken from the citybound platform and looks towards Hucknall as we see 231 approaching with a short working to Wilkinson Street. Robin Hood line is to the right and note the sign for outbound trams which reminds drivers to check their route as before the next stop the Phoenix Park line branches off. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior, 17th September 2021)

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