Stop by Stop: Nottingham Express Transit: Hucknall & Phoenix Park – Basford

We return to “Stop by Stop” as we view images taken at each stop on a UK tramway and this is the start of the final leg of our journey on Nottingham Express Transit. Last time out (mid-February 2022) we had got as far as Wilkinson Street as we headed towards Hucknall and Phoenix Park and now its onwards with Basford our first call.

After we leave Wilkinson Street it’s a sharp turn and descent with the depot complex on the right as we head towards Basford. The Robin Hood line now gives us company all the way through to Hucknall on the right of our tram as it starts to accelerate. Meanwhile on the left the River Leen can be seen for the first time and after heading under a couple of roads we pull into the stop at Basford. Featuring platforms either side of the track, the main feature of the stop is a large pedestrian bridge which goes over both the railway and tramway. The stop has all the usual features including ticket machines, passenger information displays, lighting, CCTV and bins.

The pedestrian bridge makes photography on the Hucknall/Phoenix Park bound platform a little awkward with it dominating the scene. This image shows 226 calling at the stop on the way to Phoenix Park.

This is a view of the city bound platform with 213 just having departed with a service for Clifton South. We see the curve of the line as it departs the stop towards the city in this shot. Beyond the green fence on the left is the Robin Hood line. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior, 17th September 2021)

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