In Pictures: Work continues in Dudley Town Centre

This latest pictorial update heads to Dudley Town Centre where we take a look at recent progress around Castle Hill which has been the first location on the West Midlands Metro extension to Dudley (and eventually Brierley Hill) to have tracklaying completed. Andy Walters provides the images.

We reported recently that Castle Hill had finally been reopened to two way traffic (albeit with overnight closures still required) after the completion of the bulk of the work to lay track. This included the final track being welded into place shortly before Christmas 2022. Work had been taking place in Castle Hill since as long ago as 2019 (utility works) with work on the trackbed getting underway in spring 2020 ahead of tracklaying.

The section of this extension between Wednesbury and Dudley is due to open during 2024. It was originally also due to include a further section to Brierley Hill but due to funding restrictions this section is currently on hold although Transport for West Midlands have said they remain committed to finding alternative funding streams.

This is as far as the track currently goes just as the tramway turns off Castle Hill. On the right we see the Very Light Rail Innovation Centre which, of course, has already been home to some of the trams which should run on this track next year with repair work taking place there.

More tracklaying is taking place in Dudley as we see here with the mid distance showing where it currently ends although with contractors still on site to complete this section.

Track is down here and the final concrete surface and road painting all in place.

Track is also in place in front of Dudley Zoo. (All Photographs by Andy Walters, 29th January 2023)

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3 Responses to In Pictures: Work continues in Dudley Town Centre

  1. David says:

    Exact location of picture 2 please

    • Andy walters says:

      Dudley zoo behind me , Dudley central mosque to left of photo .

      Photo is looking up. Birmingham st towards the bus station .
      Dudley bus station ( blue) just visable in the distance .

  2. David says:

    Thank you very much Andy.

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