In Pictures: More trams at Dudley for repairs

Its getting hard to keep up with all the tram movements on the West Midlands Metro! With trams returning to Wednesbury after repairs and trams leaving for repairs (and at strange time and in strange places!) it seems there is a lot of movement at the moment and there are two trams which have headed to Dudley at some point but which we have never reported on!

The two trams which were spotted at the Very Light Rail Innovation Centre in Dudley on Sunday 29th January were 24 and 29. 29 already has plain white bodyside panels which could mean one of two things – either its been there some time and repairs are nearly completed or work had already started at Wednesbury but its now receiving full repairs at Dudley. Or it could mean something completely different!

What we do know is that at least 17 and 26 have had their repairs completed at Dudley with 28 having previously been done at Wolverton. 27 has also been repaired away from the West Midlands Metro – when asked upon the return of this tram the delivery driver confirmed that this had also been at Dudley but it had previously been thought there was only capacity at the Very Light Rail Innovation Centre for two trams at any one time!

All in all basically we’re confused by it all!

Looking through the window at the Dudley Very Light Rail Innovation Centre on 29th January and we can see two trams in situ. Nearest the window is 29 which as we can see already had plain white panels which is usually an indication that these have been replaced. 24 is the tram at the far side. (Photograph by Andy Walters, 29th January 2023)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: More trams at Dudley for repairs

  1. Pabs says:

    So did 24 and 29 depart the same time I.E when 27 returned did 29 leave the same day like wise for 24.

  2. Nigel Pennick says:

    There always seem to be abnormal happenings on MM. The whole system seems fragile, somehow.

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