Out and About: Around Middlewood in December 2022

For this edition of “Out and About” (the last for a while) we take a trip to Middlewood on the Stagecoach Supertram network a few days before Christmas 2022 with some photos of two of the Siemens-Duewag trams around the terminus.

116 lost its advert for XPO Logistics over several months in late 2022, returning to fleet livery for the first time since 2012! With the fleet livery looking bright and new we see the tram standing at Middlewood in this view when working on the Yellow route. Note that the tram has now received some external advertising so it didn’t last long with just plain fleet livery.

As 116 heads off to Meadowhall its place at Middlewood is taken by 120 – still in its “temporary” Sheffield Corporation Transport livery.

And 120 sits at the platform waiting out time.

A close-up of the Corporation crest and number of 120. The livery was applied back in 2010 and sadly has become a little tired in that time. (All Photographs by Ryan Hartley, 22nd December 2022)

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