Edinburgh Council to vote on new transport plan

If you think you’ve read this before you probably have! It seems to be another case of a new report on previously announced plans but a vote is set to take place in the City of Edinburgh Council to approve various transport plans including one which looks at public transport in the area. This includes possible extensions alongside other improvements to the bus, tram and rail networks around Edinburgh.

This is all part of an integrated suite of draft action plans which its hoped will transform the way people move around Edinburgh. The plans being considered include the Active Travel Action Plan, Public Transport Action Plan and Parking Action Plan, all of which will contribute to the City Mobility Plan 2030.

Tram wise the Edinburgh Public Transport Plan includes the following proposals:

  • Develop mass rapid transit (including tram and Bus Rapid Transit) for the city and region

A second north/south mass transit corridor would support development. A Strategic Business Case is being developed for consultation in late 2023. Running by 2035 it would run from the Waterfront in the north to the Royal Infirmary in the south and beyond.

  • Deliver North/South mass rapid transport solution linking Granton to the Bio Quarter and beyond

Development of faster and more reliable public transport services to help reduce need to travel by private vehicle

  • Improve lighting near to and at tram stops
  • Deliver integrated ticketing between Edinburgh Trams and Lothian Buses
  • Continue engagement on concessionary travel/free under 22 travel on tram with the Scottish government

Cllr Scott Arthur, Transport and Environment Convener, said: “This ambitious set of action plans and the overarching Circulation Plan build on the commitments in the City Mobility Plan. They provide detailed actions to direct investment in and to deliver of a more sustainable, inclusive and affordable transport system. This is essential as we work towards a city where we can all enjoy a healthy environment, get around conveniently and, crucially, achieve net zero carbon emissions. It’s clear that we can’t address one area of transport without tackling another, which is why we’re considering each of the plans together. Whether it’s delivering safer streets, providing better connections to and around the city or improving air quality, the issues, solutions and actions cut across our plans.

“Investing in sustainable transport to help cut congestion is key to ensuring Edinburgh’s continued economic prosperity. This will take significant investment, and to help demonstrate the need for funding from the Scottish Government we will build a formal business case which helps confirm the economic and wellbeing benefits. We will also show that this investment is key to creating a more equal Edinburgh which is ready to show leadership in the transition towards sustainable travel. If approved, we’ll be seeking the public’s views to help further shape the future of transport in Edinburgh, to the benefit of generations to come.”

The plans will be considered at a meeting of the Transport and Environment Committee on 2nd February. If approved there will be a period of consultation between March and July.

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