Around the World in Trams: Timisoara 3457

Its been a brief visit to Timisoara but here we go with a second and final tram to be featured in “Around the World in Trams”.

3457 is another tram which started off its operating career in Germany, with Bremen again being its original home tramway. Built in 1967 it ran in Germany until 1992 when it was withdrawn from service. It would make its way across to Timisoara by 1997 and has remained part of the main passenger fleet since then.

Covered in an advert – although with the windows kept free – here we see the first view of the tram.

3457 looks as if it is operating on line 2 when seen here, although just where that will take it is a mystery as the destination blind is blank!

Both Photographs by John Moore, 16th September 2018


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