In Pictures: Another year gets underway at Beamish

With Beamish remaining open all year round (albeit its winter offering sees more limited opening hours) its always a good place to see the “first heritage trams” of the year and in these first visits on British Trams Online for 2023 we see the two trams which have run in service so far this year – Sunderland 16 and Sheffield 264 (hardly surprising choices for January which doesn’t exactly lend itself to open top tram rides in northeast England!). In this article we also look inside the depot to see the ongoing progress on the restoration of Gateshead 10. Trevor Hall is our photographer.

This article comprises two visits – Monday 2nd January and Thursday 5th January. The first visit saw just one tram in service (Sunderland 16) and with the museum being busy on the first Bank Holiday of 2023 this led to large queues. Then on Thursday 5th January – which although quieter was still busy with local schools not due back until next week – both trams were out, although 16 was taken out of use in the afternoon.

Sheffield 264 in the classic town location with a healthy load of passengers. It doesn’t appear anyone has decided to brave the front open balcony though!

The lower deck interior of 264.

Sunderland 16 rests in front of the depot as 264 passes in the background.

Inside the depot – and with Newcastle 114 in front of it – Gateshead 10’s overhaul is continuing. It remains raised with its bogies being worked on elsewhere within the depot but good progress is being on the body with attention to the roof and paintwork. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 5th January 2023)

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