Out and About: Summerlee trams

In this edition of “Out and About” we are again in Scotland but instead of our usual look at modern trams in Edinburgh we head along to Summerlee – the only heritage tramway in the country.

The chances are if you’ve visited Summerlee you will have seen this diminutive tramcar in service – Glasgow 1017. Converted for use as a driver training car in its operational life it has been restored as a single decker and has proven to be the stalwart of the operating fleet at Summerlee. Its seen here waiting for passengers.

The other operational Scottish tram at Summerlee is Lanarkshire 53. The open top double decker doesn’t get used as often as 1017 but its always a popular tram when it does. We see it here waiting at the entrance. (Both Photographs by blackpool_trams, 18th June 2022)

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