In Pictures: Edinburgh Trams 257 receives Leonardo advert

Edinburgh Trams 257 has quickly moved on from its Edinburgh Napier University advert as after just a month it has now received a contract for Leonardo, a aerospace and defence and security systems manufacturer.

The Edinburgh Napier University advert was only applied in July 2022, but by 24th August this has been removed and replaced by the new design for Leonardo. Featuring a red background the advert is promoting their current recruitment campaign. The company has a plant in north Edinburgh.

257 has now carried five adverts since it originally received one for Johnnie Walker in February 2018:

  • February 2018-January 2020: Johnnie Walker #jointthepact
  • November 2020-October 2021: Ray Harryhausen Titan of Cinema exhibition
  • October 2021-July 2022: Ocean Winds
  • July 2022-August 2022: Edinburgh Napier University
  • August 2022: Leonardo

257 passes the Scott Monument on Princes Street heading out to the Airport. The Balmoral Hotel is in the left background. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood, 24th August 2022)

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