Around the World in Trams: Lviv Works Car 2

Its not all about the passenger trams as in this latest instalment of “Around the World in Trams” we take a look at a tram which was, at this point, a works car.

Across the world it has been traditional over the years for withdrawn passenger trams to be converted to Works Cars and the system in Lviv was no different. Pictured below is Gotha works car 2 which is seen standing at the Knyahyni Olhy terminus outside the Hotel Suputnyk. The colour scheme may be an earlier version of the Lviv fleet livery before the red and cream Tatras arrived. Since then 2 has been restored to passenger service and now operates as a tourist tram. February 1994.

Photograph by Donald Brooks

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  1. Nathan says:

    This tram appears outwardly to be almost identical to the ex-Berlin tram at Crich. I wonder if they’ve considered taking in any Ukrainian trams?

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