Classic Motorcycle Day to take place at Crich regardless of return of trams

Its been confirmed that regardless of whether trams are able to start running again ahead of it that the Classic Motorcycle Day on Sunday 3rd July at the Crich Tramway Village will be taking place this year.

In a statement Crich said: “Whilst trams are not currently running, safety work is being conducted this month to get the trams running again in July, but whilst the Tramway management can’t guarantee trams will be running at this stage, they can guarantee the Classic Motorcycle Day will go ahead, even without the trams.”

The Classic Motorcycle Day usually attracts around 300 motorcycles – including vintage machines and relatively modern bikes of the 1990s, all at least 25 years old – with numerous trophies for the best machines judged by expert panels, including Best Original Motorcycle judged by the editor of Old Bike Mart, Blue Miller. The Best in Show Trophy will be voted for by the public.

2022 sees the Kawasaki Z900 celebrate its 50th anniversary and organisers hope for an impressive line-up of Z1s.

All riders of classic machines and scooters can enjoy free entry to the site.

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2 Responses to Classic Motorcycle Day to take place at Crich regardless of return of trams

  1. Michael Morton says:

    It beggars belief that the powers that be at Crich seem to think people should pay to see no trams in action regardless of whether there are loads of motorcycles of all ages and whether the tea rooms are open.
    They should concentrate on getting the trams running once more and then have a full inquiry as to how the place got in such disrepair in the first place when their number one priority, like everyone else’s must be health and safety.
    Who let standards slip?

    Get the trams running safely again and people will come back!

  2. Richard says:

    Unfortunately Crich, like most museums, railways etc is a business these days with bills to pay. Hopefully some people will visit and help pay the bills or future restorations and developments will not happen 😪
    Hopefully the management will learn from the problems and stop them happening in the future, they aren’t the only place not running at the moment due to infrastructure issues.

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