Crich closes over safety concerns

The Crich Tramway Village – home of the National Tramway Museum – has closed its doors until at least Friday of this week it has been announced. The decision comes as a result of safety concerns around the depot fan which now require further investigations before presumably a repair plan can be put into place ahead of an eventual reopening.

Those of you who have been keeping an eye on this website recently will have seen that so far in 2022 only enclosed trams have been running at Crich with a comment recently left by an anonymous contributor suggesting that the reason was the condition of the overhead. Whilst this has not been confirmed by Crich, the fact that the entire museum has been closed for several days for safety reasons suggests that there is something going on at the moment.

The full brief statement posted on social media says: “We’re very sorry, but due to some safety concerns around the Depot area, we will be CLOSED until at least Friday, while more investigation takes place.”

The museum was open on Tuesday 17th May with Blackpool 167, Leeds 180 and Oporto 273 in service with the closure in place from Wednesday 18th May and it due to remain closed until at least Friday 20th May (Crich is normally closed on Fridays anyway so the best case scenario here is that there will be a closure for two days).

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