Metrolink 3088 receives new advert

You wait ages for a new advert to be applied to a tram in Manchester and then a second one comes along soon after! The latest tram to receive a wrap is 3088 which is now advertising Charlotte Tilbury. As with last week’s new advert this is the second design that 3088 has carried since new.

The advert on 3088 is of the standard Metrolink all over advert design with the ends kept free of advert and retaining fleet livery whilst the remainder is covered in vinyls. The background colour is pink with images of make-up being applied plus some sign writing – “Pillow Talk Party”. It does feature vinyls on most of the passenger windows.

3088’s previous advert was for Talk Talk which was on the tram between November 2018 and June 2019.

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