In Pictures: Latest from the Newhaven terminus

We return once more to Edinburgh to see what progress there is on the Trams to Newhaven project. This time we are off to Newhaven as we see recent work on installing a scissors crossover just before the terminus and on the road connecting Lindsay Road and Melrose Drive. John Hampton is the photographer.

The 2.91 mile (4.69 kilometre) extension of Edinburgh Trams is due to open in spring 2023. Construction works will be continuing along sections of the extension for the remainder of this year but the bulk should be finished before the year ends, although there will still be some localised works taking place beyond that. The Newhaven to Melrose Drive section featured here is due to be completed in June 2022.

The scissors crossover is now in place by the Newhaven terminus and awaits connection to the adjacent track. The back of the Ocean Terminal building is in the background.

Another look at the scissors crossover. The wire reinforcement will be constructed around the track before pouring the concrete infill.

Much of the road connecting Lindsay Road to Melrose Drive is complete and it has the first traction poles to be erected in Newhaven. (All Photographs by John Hampton, 24th April 2022)

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