In Pictures: Work at Balfour Street tramstop in Edinburgh

In this latest pictorial look at the ongoing Trams to Newhaven construction works in Edinburgh we head to the stop at Balfour Street. This will be the third new stop on the line coming from the city centre and will again be an island platform with track either side. The main structure of the stop is now in place with contractors hard at work in putting the edging stones in place when these photos were captured by John Hampton.

The Trams to Newhaven project is due to open to passengers in spring 2023 with the main construction works due to be completed by the end of this year, although there will remain localised works on carriage and footways to install equipment such as tram communication systems, tramstop fitouts, overhead line equipment, street lighting, landscaping and traffic signalling.

The works around Balfour Street – part of a larger worksite between London Road and Crown Street – are due to be completed by July 2022.

The island tramstop at Balfour Street on Leith Walk is largely complete with finishing touches to the paving at the north end being made.

At the south end of the platform an edging stone is being lowered into position using special lifting equipment. The stones are transported to the site using the four wheeled flatbed rail truck in the foreground.

The final stage in placing the stone to form the edge of the platform. (All Photographs by John Hampton, 21st April 2022)

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