Young male hit by tram at Blackpool

A cyclist was struck by a Blackpool Flexity2 tram near Manchester Square during the late afternoon/early evening of Monday 8th July. Full details are not yet known, but based on early eyewitness reports, is believed that a man in his early twenties was hit by tram 003 and has been taken to hospital by helicopter with head and spinal injuries.

The tramway has been considerably disrupted, with the Railway Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) requiring to attend to view the scene of the accident. Whilst this investigation is taking place, the tram service was operating between North Pier and Fleetwood only, with a full service resuming later on that evening, once the appropriate investigations had been completed by both RAIB and the Police. Although naturally our main hope is that the injured person will make a full recovery as soon as possible, and our thoughts are with the victim and his family and friends, as well as the tram crew involved in this terrible accident.

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