Supertram launch Re-connect campaign

Stagecoach Supertram have launched a new campaign aiming to get people to use public transport again. “Re-connect” is using specially created artwork by local artist Luke Horton which is being affixed to tram windows in an attempt to encourage people to ditch their cars in order to travel on the trams once more.

The artwork includes well known Yorkshire phrases including “nowt easier than t’tram”, “jus nippin ahht” and “Ayup gi it a go”. The campaign is looking to highlight the shops, parks, walks and other attractions that can be reached by the tram so that people realise they don’t have to drive there and can rely on the tram instead.

Managing Director of Stagecoach Supertram, Tim Bilby, said: “When Luke contacted us about the campaign, we knew it was perfect for our business as we both had the same aim of encouraging people to connect with their community to visit all the places on our doorstep that are so easily accessible by tram. The use of our services also help local businesses who have had an equally challenging time since the pandemic began.”

Luke Horton added: “It’s without doubt that Covid-19 has had lasting effects on the way we think, move and approach things and I think that encouraging people to re-explore and re-connect with the things we are so lucky to have so close by or ‘reyt ont doorstep’; is a very positive thing.”

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  1. jubilee510 says:

    This was launched about 10 days ago on number 121 but came to an abrupt halt when a police van crashed into it in Hillsborough, we’ve not seen 121 or a replacement tram since.

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