Latest Edinburgh Trams “Tramtastic” award winner hailed as a lifesaver

Stuart Mearns, Assistant Engineering Manager at Edinburgh Trams, has become the latest recipient of a “Tramtastic” award after he administered first aid to a member of the public involved in a collision with a train at Edinburgh Gateway.

Stuart was the first to arrive at the scene after hearing cries for help and followed advice from the emergency services over the phone whilst assisting the casualty who suffered significant injuries. Alongside a station attendant he then remained with them until they were taken to hospital.

Andy Conway, Edinburgh Trams’ Head of Engineering and Stuart’s manager, said: “Stuart really did go above and beyond to help whilst on his lunch break. His efforts have been recognised by colleagues and from ScotRail and he has also been presented with our own ‘You Are Tramtastic’ award. Throughout the incident he demonstrated exceptional professionalism and assertiveness in dealing with a traumatic incident for all involved.”

The “You are Tramtastic” employee scheme aims to recognise colleagues who go above and beyond the call of duty to provide excellence in customer service or other exceptional behaviour when at work.

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