Still Standing! Garage sign, Norwich

In this edition of “Still Standing!” we feature something a little bit different… Its not a structure or a piece of track from a first generation tramway but rather a sign with a tram connection.

The tram system in Norwich was relatively short-lived, running between 1900 and 1935. The 3 foot 6 inch gauge network was just over 15 miles at its peak and it started off with 40 open top double deckers and 10 open top double deck trailers. Operated by the Norwich Electric Tramways Company it was purchased by the Eastern Counties Omnibus Company in 1933 who swiftly replaced all routes by buses, a process which was completed on 10th December 1935.

Considering its has been over 85 years since the last tram operated in the city the below photo is a remarkable survivor as it tells you to follow the tram lines to reach the Mann Egerton Garage! You’d get lost if you followed that instruction today!

The painted sign on the side of a building on Constitution Hill. Norwich. (Photograph by Dave Lawrence)

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