In Pictures: Rapid progress being made at York Place

They say a week is a long-time in politics and that also seems to be the case in tram extension construction! Less than a week after the stop at York Place was permanently closed in Edinburgh much of the platform has already been removed with the shelter unceremoniously dumped at the side of the work compound whilst track laying is also continuing within Picardy Place.

Since the last trams departed from York Place on Wednesday 9th February we have seen the work compound created around the old stop and work started on removing the platform. By Wednesday 16th February much of the platform had been removed with all street furniture on it also taken down, including the shelter. In addition work has commenced on removing the concrete from around the existing stub ends of track in preparation for the connection of tracks between the old and new sections of the Edinburgh Trams system.

Meanwhile, a little further onto the extension and the first track is now being laid in Picardy Place. This will, of course, be the location of the first new stop on the line which will also replace that at York Place for this area.

Looking north to St Paul’s and St George’s Church we can see that much of the tram platform has now been demolished, the overhead poles gone and the shelter dumped in the foreground on the cycleway. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood, 16th February 2022)

Another look at the scene in York Place. We again see the passenger shelter is in the right foreground. The overhead wires have been taken down from above the old stop and the platform is gradually being removed.

New track is already laid in Picardy Place and awaits infill with concrete before connection to the tracks in York Place. The traction pole which supported the end of the overhead wire from York Place has also been removed. (Photographs x2 by John Hampton, 16th February 2022)

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