In Pictures: Back to almost identical twins in Sheffield

Both of the trams on the Stagecoach Supertram network which advertise Pretty Little are once again looking the same (almost!) after 118 followed 111 in receiving a very slightly revised advert for the company who have been advertising on the tram since April 2018.

The new advert is the same basic design as that seen on 111, with the changes to the ends removing the PLT wording in the circle, the unicorns coming off the windows and more company wording on the sides. The one difference between the two – which means they’re not quite identical twins! – is that the side numbers are black as opposed to 111 which has white side numbers. 118 also has one end fleet number in white!

The “new” look 118 is seen here queuing to enter the stop at Castle Square. As can be seen here its side numbers are black.

A side view showing the lack of unicorns on the windows.

A final look at the tram as it sits at Castle Square working a Yellow route service to Middlewood. (All Photographs by Ryan Hartley, 12th February 2022)

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