Supertram ticket prices to increase from 1st March

The cost of travel on Stagecoach Supertram is set to increase from Tuesday 1st March with the first rises in over two years caused by the increase in costs of operating the system. The increases have been kept to a minimum – and are below RPI – and 28 Day and Xtra online tickets frozen in price to ensure there is no increase for the most regular passengers on Supertram.

In a statement about the changes, Stagecoach Supertram said: “This is the first time our fares have changed since January 2020, over two years, and since this time the cost of running trams has risen significantly, even with government funding to keep services running during this time. Like many sectors of the economy, we are seeing significant cost increases, primarily driven by increased energy and staffing costs and the number of people using public transport is still significantly below pre-Covid levels. Fares increases being made are below the annual rate of inflation (RPI). Stagecoach has consistently delivered some of the lowest ticket prices in the country and we are committed to continuing to keep fares as low as possible for our passengers. Almost all the money received in fares goes towards paying for the day-to-day running of services as well as investing in improvements. The amount of money we receive in fares to keep services running remains significantly below pre-pandemic levels.”

The main changes are:

Adult Short distance Single – £2.00 (from £1.90)

Adult Short distance Return – £3.40 (from £3.20)

Adult Long distance Single – £2.80 (from £2.60)

Tram Only DayRider – £4.60 (from £4.40). It is cheaper to buy through the app at £4.50.

Silver DayRider – £5.20 (from £4.90). Cheaper on the app at £5.10.

Gold DayRider – £7.80 (from £7.20). Cheaper on the app at £7.70.

In addition the Rotherham after 1800 special offer has been withdrawn along with the Family Group Gold Day Rider.

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