In Pictures: A slight change for 111’s Pretty Little Thing advert

Having carried advertising vinyls for Pretty Little for almost four years (originally applied in April 2018), Stagecoach Supertram’s 111 has recently seen a slight change in its advert. At a quick glance you would be forgiven for not realising there has been a change but when you look closely you can see that there has been a slight change-up.

You could almost play a game of spot the difference with the new advert on 111 but the main differences are the removal of unicorns from the windows, the PLT logo on the ends has been replaced by the words “PRETTYLITTLETHING”, there is more writing on the side of the trams (instead of just lots of unicorns – although they are still there as well) and the side numbers are now white instead of black.

The new look tram returned to service during January. At the time of writing 118 has nowt received the revised advert.

111 stands at Meadowhall showing off its new advert.

A close-up of the end of the tram showing the change from the “PLT” logo in a circle to the simple “PRETTYLITTLETHING” wording.

Gone are the unicorns off the windows and the bodyside also has additional PRETTYLITTLETHING wording. There is very little doubt which company the tram advertises!

The other end of the tram. (All Photographs by Ryan Hartley)

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