In Pictures: Farewell to York Place – Part Two!

This is the second part of our articles looking at trams in and around York Place before it closes and is removed as part of the Trams to Newhaven project. The final trams will be leaving this stop at the close of service on Wednesday 9th February and then for two months all services from the Airport will be terminating at West End before St Andrew Square is used as the end of the line all the way through until the full extension opening in 2023. The photographer this time is Robin Barnes.

In this view we see 269 just departing from York Place on its way to the Airport using the crossover to gain the outbound track. This crossover has been used in service on thousands of occasions since the line opened but come 10th February and it will no longer be used by trams in normal service with passengers on board again.

This is looking beyond the buffer stops and towards the works taking place in Picardy Place where the replacement stop will be constructed in due course. (Both Photographs by Robin Barnes, 4th February 2022)

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