Trams in Video: West Midlands Metro August 2021

West Midlands Metro is the subject of our latest “Trams in Video” as we take a look at operations over the August Bank Holiday weekend in 2021. This was during the city centre closure so trams were only running from Wolverhampton St George’s to Bull Street, with the trams operating under battery power between St Paul’s and Bull Street (with the usual battery operated section beyond Grand Central closed).

This video was shot by Michael Morton and you can see more of his videos from across Europe on YouTube.

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2 Responses to Trams in Video: West Midlands Metro August 2021

  1. jubilee510 says:

    Too stop-go, do we really need to see at least 6 exactly the same views of a tram leaving the same un-named stop, I gave up after 15 minutes.

    • Michael Morton says:

      Of course, it is a case of each to his or her own.
      It is a snapshot of the day that I took for myself.
      The compilation – not all video – was requested by my regular viewers, most of whom have said they enjoyed it.
      But, as ever, we all learn from criticism, so I thank you very much.

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