Out and About: Around Didsbury on Metrolink

Our new year offerings continue with another edition of “Out and About” for you today as we head out onto Manchester Metrolink with some views taken around Didsbury.

This first image was taken at the East Didsbury terminus where 3056 stands ahead of departure for Shaw & Crompton.

Moving along the line to Didsbury Village where we see 3052 calling with a service heading the short-distance to East Didsbury.

One of the trams to be carrying an advertising livery at the time of these photos was 3076 – adverts for NOCCO – and we see it here at Didsbury Village as it departs for Rochdale.

Back to East Disbury where this view from above shows both platforms occupied. 3062 is at the front of a double unit on the far side (complete with Bee Network vinyls) as 3123 stands in the closer platform. In the distance on the right the scene is completed by a Stagecoach bus.

Back to ground level and we take a closer look at 3123 which gets ready for a service to Shaw & Crompton. (All Photographs by Keith Chadbourne, 18th December 2021)

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