In Pictures: Ocean Winds increase to a second tram

There is now a second tram advertising Ocean Winds on Edinburgh Trams after 262 was spotted with the vinyls when in service during a busy day for the trams on Saturday 13th November – with Scotland playing a home rugby match at Murrayfield against South Africa. The advert is identical to that carried by 257.

For 262 this is the fifth different advert design it has carried and follows a short-term contract for Clearwater Analytics which had only been applied back in September. Previous adverts on the tram were for CR Smith, Macdonald Hotels/Paul Tamburrini and Spotify.

The design is the usual format for Edinburgh Trams (full height adverts on the third and fifth sections) and has a yellow background.

In other advert news, 275 has now lost its Scotland Rugby vinyls – slightly odd when you consider we are in the middle of the Autumn internationals taking place at Murrayfield!

This photo shows 262 arriving at Haymarket bound for York Place. One of the tram marshals keeping people safe at Haymarket before the rugby is on the right giving a thumbs up to the tram driver. The tram has just come off the reserved track and come up the slope of Haymarket Yards. The office block on the right is Citypoint.

A second view showing some of the detail of the advert as it heads to the Airport at West End on Shandwick Place. (Both Photographs by Roy Calderwood, 13th November 2021)

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  1. Rapidsnap says:

    262 was carrying the advert as early as the 7th November as I photoed it as I returned from Basel. When I flew out from Edinburgh on the 31st October it was still in the previous advert.

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