And on it goes… Douglas Prom works to miss early November deadline

This article was updated following publication on 26/10/21.

When is a deadline not a deadline? When its in connection with the redevelopment of Douglas Promenade it would appear! After the previous September deadline was missed (which was a revised deadline anyway) it was said that all construction works on the Prom should be completed by 3rd November 2021, but reports in the local press have now confirmed that this date will also be missed – and its some tram works which will go on beyond the deadline.

While the majority of works on the Promenade will be completed by 3rd November – a deadline date which was never guaranteed with a meeting between the Department of Infrastructure and their contractors Auldyn Construction saying it was “more accurate” that September – it is now said that around a further four weeks will be needed for a section of tramway works, work which has not yet commenced.

A spokesperson from the Department of Infrastructure is quoted on the Isle of Man Today website: “A 70-metre section of tramway between Broadway and Esplanade Mews remains outstanding to accommodate work on the tramway points. This work will take three to four weeks and will get under way as soon as possible. It will, however, be off the highway and have a minimal impact on traffic flow.”

In addition to these works there are a number of rectification jobs to be completed as well – these were always expected to go on beyond the deadline.

And then there remains the ongoing saga as to whether works will take place to extend the tramway back to the Sea Terminal. A “tramway corridor” is provided at the side of the road but will initially be landscaped with the potential for the tracks to be installed at a later date – if a new approval is given by Tynwald for the worm to go ahead.

Update 26/10/21: It has now been reported that work on the project will extend into January. The regular expressed concern at a set of points at Broadway which have now been sent to a UK factory for rectification – this will take at least 3-4 weeks. No exact date has been commited to for completion of the work with Tim Croxall, new Minister at the DOI, quoted on the BBC website as saying it would be January at best and that it wasn’t fair to keep putting a date on it.

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3 Responses to And on it goes… Douglas Prom works to miss early November deadline

  1. geoffcurrie says:

    I was there last week, and believe me it is not just the work on theTramway which is behind schedule, but also significant amounts of work all along The Promenade. In the four days I was there, there was a minimal amount of workers actually doing anything along The Promenade. I cannot wait to hear what is decided “in due course” about restoring the full tramline back to Sea Terminal, – or preferably along North Quay towards The Railway Station ( yes I know some hope!!!)

    • Gareth Prior says:

      And it gets worse – the BBC have reported that the work will go on into January, so not just a four week extension. The regulator expressed concern with the points on the tramway at Broadway so they have had to be sent for rectification to the UK…

      • Geoff IoM says:

        And it gets *even* worse…..
        Manx Radio reports that “The infrastructure minister is waiting to be given a date to be able to ask for funds to complete the horse tram tracks. Tim Crookall says the tramway is likely to only operate as far as Broadway when it reopens in April next year.
        It was previously stated that Tynwald would be asked to vote on funding to complete the track to the Sea Terminal in November.
        But when asked for an update, Mr Crookall said he’s yet to set a timeframe.”

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