Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: Cabin

We continue northbound on the Blackpool Tramway today as “Stop by Stop” continues.

After departure from Cliffs Hotel we continue climbing north and after passing the heritage stops either side of the tracks we soon arrive at Cabin. With platforms opposite each other on either side of the tracks this is the standard type of tramstop on the Blackpool Tramway. Both platforms feature shelters, there are lighting columns plus information panels within the shelters so you know when the next tram may turn up – if running to timetable of course!

This is the stop at Cabin as we look northwards. The ornate building on the left beyond the northbound platform is the grade II listed Cabin lift which used to transport tourists down towards the old boating pool (now a go-kart track).

On 27th May 2019 and we see 006 having just departed from Cabin and now heading south down towards Cliffs Hotel.

006 is again the tram seen arriving at the northbound stop on 23rd September 2018. Bolton 66 can also just be seen in this view coming from the north. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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