Stop by Stop Nottingham Express Transit: Toton Lane line – Bramcote Lane

Its time again for “Stop by Stop” as our journey on Nottingham Express Transit continues.

As the tram departs from Cator Lane it continues to run on a fully segregated section with grass and trees either side of this pleasant stretch of line. The next stop is Bramcote Lane which again sees platforms either side of the tracks. Both platforms have everything you could want from a tramstop with small shelters and seating along with ticket machines, information to help you with travelling – including the live passenger information displays letting you know how long to your next tram – and lighting for when its dark.

This view is looking back towards Cator Lane and shows Bramcote Lane and its pleasant surroundings.

206 has just departed from Bramcote Lane as it continues on its journey from Toton Lane to Hucknall.

This photo features Incentro 209 which is at Bramcote Lane with a service to Toton Lane. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 19th September 2020)

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