Heritage Tramways return to operation in 2021

As we approach the date when heritage tramways can start to consider a return to operation we thought it would be a good time to bring all the information we know so far into one article so you can start to make any plans to start getting out and about again. This is the situation as publicly announced at the time of publication, we’ll update the article and republish as and when more dates are announced.


The museum will reopen outside areas from Monday 12th April with a limited accessible bus service only. A circular bus service will then resume from 17th May.

The tram service is not planned to start again until Saturday 4th September. This will be a “Circular Tour” type service starting and finishing at Fouldbridge (adjacent to the tram depot) with no intermediate journeys available. It is anticipated Blackpool 31 will be primarily used as its seating layout is best suited to maximising social distanced passengers. If circumstances/resources allow additional services may also be offered.

  • For details of how Beamish are keeping Covid secure along with how to book a slot to visit the museum please head to their website at http://www.beamish.org.uk/ where full details can be found

Crich Tramway Village

Will reopen outside areas with limited tram rides from Monday 12th April – open Saturdays to Thursdays only. This will be the situation until Sunday 16th May inclusive.

It is then hoped to expand the offering from Monday 17th May until Sunday 20th June with internal areas opened but with the continued Covid measures in place. It will again be open Saturdays to Thursdays only plus Friday 4th June.

Crich will then be open Monday 21st June to Thursday 15th July Saturdays to Thursdays.

Later dates in the season will be confirmed later.

  • Details of Covid-19 measures in place at the museum can be viewed on their website at https://www.tramway.co.uk/plan-your-visit/tickets/. Special day entrance tickets will be available on the gate only. The usual 12 month entrance tickets will also be available.

East Anglia Transport Museum

Scheduled to reopen from Sunday 18th April and then every Sunday until 24th October. Also open on all Bank Holiday Mondays throughout this period, Tuesdays from 20th July to 31st August, Thursdays from 20th May to 28th October and Saturdays from 3rd July to 28th August, 25th September and 30th October.

Covid restrictions will remain in place until further notice but tram, trolleybus and railway services will operate on all opening days.

Heaton Park Tramway

Planned to resume passenger services from Saturday 5th June to allow maintenance works to take place.

Seaton Tramway

Due to reopen from Monday 12th April and will then be open daily for the rest of the season. The initial timetable will run every 30 minutes between 1000 and 1700.

The Covid restrictions in place in 2020 will remain for at least the start of the season including the compulsory wearing of face coverings (unless exempt) and social distancing measures.

Volk’s Electric Railway

Services will recommence from Saturday 29th May

Only tramways which have announced a return to action have been listed above. All the above information has been provide in good faith but is subject to last minute change and relies on the government roadmap conditions being met. If planning to travel to any tramway you are strongly advised to check with the organisation first.

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