Livery changes in Manchester and West Midlands Metro

The past few weeks and months have seen a few livery changes on both Manchester Metrolink and West Midlands Metro which we haven’t reported on so let’s remedy that in this article!

In Manchester a number of advert liveries which were applied during 2020 have now been removed which has left just 3066 in its Clean Air Greater Manchester vinyl wrap plus the special livery applied to 3022 following the Manchester Arena bombing. Included amongst the vinyls removals have been 3018’s The Phantom of the Opera advert, 3091’s advert for Go North Wales and the advert for Cyperpunk 2077 on 3117 which had only applied towards the end of 2020.

Meanwhile, down on the West Midlands Metro 18 has lost its adverts for Just Eat with the tram now running in plain blue for the first time (it has carried these ads from before it received the full fleet livery). And that’s not the only livery change as 19 has now gone fully blue having run in its hybrid livery since May 2019 when its became the 20th anniversary tram with this half and half style remaining when it received adverts for Mark’s Electrical in August 2020. It is now in the full fleet livery although retains the adverts for now.

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