London County Council trailers found in Penzance – up for sale!

Facebook Marketplace can be used to sell all types of products, whether that be books, furniture, clothing – or old tram bodies it seems! A recent listing added to the site features two old London County Council tram trailers which have been made available for £100 – although the condition of the two seems to leave a lot to be desired.

Quite what took two London County Council trailers all the way down to Penzance is unknown but they may have been in situ for maybe 80+ years, and their condition does look like that they have been there for some time. Much of the wooden body on both vehicles has rotted away and nature has also taken over including a big tree branch running up one end.

Despite their apparent poor condition the London County Council Tramways Trust have stated they think there may be some usuable parts of the cars and that it may also be possible to identify them.

Both are currently stored in Penzance and are on sale for £100.

To view images of them and to put your offer in if you so wish please go to Facebook Marketplace at

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