Electric Railway sign to be removed from Derby Castle

Anyone who has been to the Isle of Man will know the distinctive Electric Railway sign on the cliffside above Derby Castle Sheds, indeed it can often be the first sight you get of the MER as you arrive on the island by ferry or plane. But after having been in place for the past 27 years the current sign is to be removed over the winter although the intention remains to source a replacement.

The frame supporting the sign has become corroded and the opportunity is being take to remove it for safety reasons. In order to remove it two large cranes will be needed – one will be in the MER yard and another on Hague Crescent, Onchan.

It is hoped that a new replacement sign will be sourced and installed in time for the start of the 2021 operating season next spring.

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3 Responses to Electric Railway sign to be removed from Derby Castle

  1. geoffcurrie says:

    Will this sign be replaced before or after the tramway extension to Sea Terminal? That is the million dollar (pound) question!

  2. David says:

    They should have maintained it so that it did not become corroded. If it is not re-erected it will be a very great and sad loss for the I.O.M

    • steve hyde says:

      Located in such a heavily salt laden environment any steelwork will have a limited lifespan. It’s not just a case of a coat of paint every couple of years, sections of the framework would need replacing. Better to simply remove it in its entirety and restore it fully before reinstalling it. The intention appears to be to put it back once restored.

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