New book on Lytham Trams by Brian Turner out now!

In 2018 Brian Turner released the first in what was planned to be a series of books on the tramways of the Fylde Coast with the release of Stopping Car to Fleetwood. And now the second book in this series has been released – Lytham Trams: The Blackpool, St Annes & Lytham Tramway. Initially a limited print run of 100 copies was produced and this sold out within two and a half weeks so a further run of 50 copies will follow soon.

Coming from the acclaimed Blackpool Tramway author Brian Turner – always a mark of quality in the first place! – this is the complete history of the Lytham & St Annes Tramway told over 224 A4 pages and is illustrated with 250 photographs. Reviews on the book through ebay have been overwhelmingly positive and it has become a must have for anyone with an interest of the tramways on the Fylde Coast.

It has been privately published by Brian Turner and it is only available directly from the author via ebay. While the first run of 100 books has sold out a new run of 50 books will be available soon.  Keep an eye on ebay for when this become available or email directly for more details.

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  1. Michael Morton says:

    At a cover price of £40, a sharp intake of breath may ensue but, if you are a follower of the foremost historian of Fylde Coast tramways (Brian Turner undoubtedly is!), you will go out and buy it.
    And when you have and you sit down and read it, you realise immediately that it was £40 well spent.
    I worked as Director of Operations & Marketing at Fylde Transport between 1988 and 1994 when it was sold to Blackpool Transport and I had ready access to the archive going back to Lytham St.Annes Corporation Transport days and I thought that I knew most of what went on. How wrong I was!
    I couldn’t put Brian’s book down and I suspect the extra 50 copies that are being printed will only be the first in a series of reprints.
    It is written in Brian’s usual informative style and should grace the shelves of any public transport afficianado.
    Get your order in quickly!

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