Fleetwood Tram Museum changes venue

The proposed Fleetwood Tram Museum is on the move – even before its opened! Initial plans released by the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust would have seen the historic former Copse Road Tramroad Depot being used to house trams from the Trust’s collection but following the offer of land close to the Fleetwood Ferry tramway stop a decision has now been made to pursue this option instead.

The former Copse Road Tramroad Depot has been used in recent years as part of the Fleetwood Car Centre and a lease had been signed by the FHLT to use this building for their Fleetwood Tram Museum but the costs of work to the building and restrictions on access by the public have led the Trust to explore other avenues. Following the offer of the land the Trust have now decided to abandon their restoration plans of the old depot. Arrangements are in place to conserve certain items in the electrical substation of the former depot building for future display as important heritage exhibits.

The land offered to the Trust is located close to Fleetwood Ferry and would allow for a larger display of trams. The Trust have provisionally accepted the offer of the Owner and terms have been accepted. An outline Planning Application for a new build structure will be submitted to the Local Authority shortly with full details of the scheme due to be made public at the start of May. It would require significantly less capital than the project at Copse Road and several options are available to the Trust if it is successful with the application. Although located close to the light rail line the location does not allow for any track connection.

The Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust currently have a collection of eight trams stored across the local area. This includes two Brush Cars, two Balloon Cars, a Twin Set, Centenary Car, Ex-Towing Railcoach and the original Jubilee Car. The Trust are also currently providing temporary storage space for the Lancastrian Transport Trust’s Coronation 304 through the goodwill of a Fleetwood company and “Friend of Fleetwood Trams”.

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4 Responses to Fleetwood Tram Museum changes venue

  1. Though you say the location of the proposed shed does not allow for any track connection, is this a case of ever? It would be great if one could be made.

  2. Dan Clarke says:

    I Am Sure That It Would Allow For One, But Prehaps Not A Usable One!

  3. steve says:

    I am sadden that the trust have moved the venue to another location the building on cope road is desperately in need of work and is an eye sore for the town I don’t understand the problem with excess and plus we need something at this end of town, I walk past and shop after shop are closing, it feels like half of lord street doest count it’s all about Albert street and round the market area

    • Ken Walker says:

      I am also sad that FHLT have abandoned their plan to restore a tram depot back to use for housing trams, which would have made them different from, and a step ahead of most tramway preservation groups. I have been making monthly contributions to this group to support this plan but now fell that my contributions are no longer valid.

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