Lockdown Walks: West Midlands Metro 22

The latest edition of “Lockdown Walks” is heading to the West Midlands Metro again.

As with the last look at the West Midlands Metro we are again at Wolverhampton St George’s for the below photos. St George’s is a stop which has undergone transformation since opening in 1999 as back then it had an island platform with tracks either side but now whilst the platform remains an island there are just tracks on one side with the other side available for coaches. This enabled a revised track layout which was required to cater for the longer Urbos3 trams. Once the Railway Station extension opens St George’s will be served by every other tram from Birmingham.

This first image shows 22 at St George’s awaiting departure. 22 is in the standard fleet livery with no adverts.

A close-up of the front section of 22 as it continues to wait at St George’s. (Both Photographs by Dan Noon, 15th July 2020)

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