New Flexi Day 5 ticket available on Supertram

As people’s work patterns continue to adapt to the changing world, Stagecoach Supertram have announced a new ticket which will be available exclusively through the Stagecoach Bus app. The Flexi Day 5 is one ticket with five Supertram Only day tickets for the price of 4, giving you a 25% discount.

The ticket is ideal for flexible workers those who work part time or shift workers. Upon purchase each day ticket needs to be used within a month, but that could be 5 days in a week or 2 days one week, 1 day the next and 2 the next or any other combination. Each individual day ticket has to be activated before its first use on the day but is then available for unlimited Supertram travel on that day.

Once the ticket is purchased through the app it is saved to your phone. The ticket can be found in the Multi-trip section of the app but you just need to make sure your area is set as Sheffield.

Full details on how to purchase can be found on the Stagecoach Supertram website.

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