Replacement bus introduced for Supertram engineering works

When this year’s rail replacement project in Sheffield got underway the message to any intending passengers on affected sections was very much you need to travel by service bus but with increased passenger numbers now being carried on public transport a dedicated replacement bus service will be introduced.

The BL1 replacement bus service will start running on Monday 29th June and will be operated by Powells. The purpose of introducing this bus service now is to allow people making essential journeys to travel as safely as possible allowing for maximum social distancing.

Pat Beijer, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive Director of Transport Operations, said: “Service BL1 will ensure Supertram users can continue making their journeys while essential rail replacement works take place between White Lane and Norton Avenue. The service will run up to every 15 minutes, from Monday to Saturday, and up to every 20 minutes on Sundays, serving every tram stop between Gleadless Townend and Halfway. Although the region’s bus, tram and train services are ramping up, we’re reminding passengers that the latest advice from the Government hasn’t changed: stay at home where possible and only use public transport for essential journeys. If you need to travel by public transport, wear a face covering, keep social distancing and pay contactless where possible. It’s up to all of us to play our part to keep the network as safe as possible for everyone that needs it and this means being considerate to others when travelling.”

Tickets purchased on Supertram as well as Stagecoach tram and bus tickets will be accepted on board the bus and it will also be possible to purchase a full range of tickets on board.

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