In Pictures: How to still get a tram fix when you can’t go out

Or spot the tram! What do you do when you’re told you can’t go out because of the Coronavirus but you still want to see some trams? For most of us the only real answer is DVDs or YouTube videos but for the lucky few who can see tramways from their houses or flats that is an option, and an option taken by Stuart Cooke! Taken from his 7th floor apartment these views also allow us to play a game of spot the tram!

With the Sacred Heart Catholic Church and Owlerton Memorial Hall in this view we also see one of the original Siemens Duewag built trams on Langsett Road.

Another look onto Langsett Road with one end of the tram clearly seen here.

This photo is the biggest “Spot that tram” challenge! But it is there for the more eagle eyed amongst you! (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 26th March 2020)

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