Dinosaurs on a tram!

The new year may only be a mere few days old but we already have our first new vinyl wrap advert of 2020! Manchester Metrolink M5000 3089 is the tram which has received the wrap with the advertiser being Dippy on Tour which is heading to Rochdale from 10th February.

Dippy on Tour is the UK tour of the Natural History Museum’s famous dinosaur cast, Dippy the Diplodocus, which for many years could be found in the entrance hall at the museum’s Kensington home but is now heading around the country with Rochdale the only stop in the northwest. Dippy will able to be found in the award winning customer service centre, library and council building, Number One Riverside from 10th February until 28th June 2020.

Back to the tram and the green based vinyl wrap has now been applied on 3089 and is likely to remain in situ for the duration of Dippy’s visit to the northwest.

* A time lapse video of the advert being applied can be seen on Twitter.

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