More cars manage to find their way onto Metrolink tracks

It may be a new year but you can still expect the usual “cars drive onto tram tracks and delay services”! With its extensive network Manchester Metrolink brings us the most of these incidents and the Christmas and New Year period was no different with another couple taking place.

The first, as reported in local media, was on New Year’s Eve with a car driving onto the tracks at Market Street in the city centre. The car was photographed by the platforms on the inbound track just after the sharp corner for trams to come round. The tracks were briefly blocked whilst the car was removed from the track.

It then didn’t take long for the first car on the tracks of 2020 as the early hours of 1st January saw a car blocking the line close to the stop at Barlow Moor Road on the Airport line. Again, the car was soon removed but not before delays to some early morning trams.

New year, new decade, same old cars on the tracks!

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