In Pictures: Trafford Park line wiring connected at Pomona

Another important milestone was reached for the Trafford Park line on Manchester’s Metrolink network was achieved over the weekend of 20th and 21st September with the wiring between the line and the current route to Eccles at Pomona connected. This was achieved during a weekend shutdown which also included improvement works at Cornbrook, similar to those already seen at Shudehill (see more on these works in a future article). Steve Hyde took a trip down to Pomona to see the newly connected wire.

Looking along the line with the full wiring now in place between the old and the new sections of line.

Another look from Trafford Road with the wiring leading up to Pomona stop seen here.

Taken from the stop at Pomona with the line to Eccles curving away to the right and the new wire now in place leading onto the Trafford Park extension.

One more view at Pomona looking along the inbound line where the wiring is now also linked between the two sections. (All Photographs by Steve Hyde, 24th September 2019)

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