Changes to fares on NET

The latest fare review on Nottingham Express Transit will see new fares introduced from Sunday 25th August which will see some increases to NET student tickets, U19 Academic tickets, Robin Hood Pay As You Go and the event ticket. But there will also be welcome savings for new and occasional passengers by cutting costs for new buyers of monthly season tickets. And the best news of all is that the most popular standard fares will remain unchanged.

NET Student Season Tickets will see increases of between £5 and £10 (for example the 12 month version goes from £265 to £275 with a three month ticket going from £115 to £120). There will also be a new one month ticket introduced for students at £45.

For U19 Academic Tickets similar changes will be made with an academic term 1 ticket going from £90 to £95 and the full academic year version increasing from £225 to £235.

There will also be increases on the daily cap for anyone using a Robin Hood Pay as you go with an adult cap going to be £3.70 (up from £3.60) and the U19 cap now £2.20 (instead of £2.10). The final increase will be the special event ticket which rises from £2 to £2.50.

To try and encourage new passengers onto the trams there will, however, be a special offer on monthly season tickets. Anyone who hasn’t had a NET season ticket within the past three months can enjoy £15 off the usual price of £55 if the ticket is purchased between 27th August and 28th September.

Stephanie Moss-Pearce, NET Marketing Manager, said: “Thanks to these offers and a hold on any increase to the majority of tickets, we hope to tempt even more people into leaving their car at home – or at one of our free park and ride facilities – rather than driving into the city centre. Students will also benefit from a more flexible ticketing option, enabling them to fit their travel plans with their studies.”

The new fares will be introduced from Sunday 25th August and a full list of the changes can be found on the NET website.

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