In Pictures: And the trackworks go on

In around a week’s time there will be that rare phenomenon in Sheffield – a full tram service running across the whole network, well for three days anyway! The latest rail replacement progress has been concentrated on the inbound track between Wood Street and West Don Street (both roads which can be found along Infirmary Road between the stops at Langsett Primrose View and Infirmary Road) with the usual efficient process of removing the old track, dealing with the track base and then putting the new track down taking place. These area two works are due to finish on Thursday 18th July when a full tram service will run during the Tramlines festival – then its back to it with areas 3, 4 and 5! Stuart Cooke provides the latest images.

With traffic still passing over the outbound track the worksite here is seen with new rails waiting to be laid.

A closer view showing the new track on top of the surface.

Another look with plenty of rails awaiting use in the track replacement work.

One final image of this section of tramway during the rail replacement project. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 8th July 2019)

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