Performance remains consistent once more on Metrolink

Consistency is a good trait to have and that is exactly what the performance on Manchester Metrolink is currently exhibiting, at least according to the latest stats released for the four weeks between 28th April and 25th May. Whilst both punctuality and reliability are down slightly on the previous period the falls are very small with the system still showing pretty good performance across the network.

On the punctuality front 91.4% of trams departed less than two minutes late across the network in these four weeks (the previous period was at 91.5%). The Altrincham line led the way with 97.5% of on time departures with the Eccles line at the end of the scale with 88.3% of departures recorded as within two minutes of the scheduled time.

Meanwhile overall reliability was recorded as 98.9% (that’s the number of planned miles operated) – down from 99.4% in the previous four weeks. Most of the lines were at a similar level ranging from 99.2% for the East Didsbury and Eccles lines to 98.4% for the Airport line.

In total during these four weeks 0.28% of all planned journeys were cancelled and 0.59% of journeys were terminated short of their scheduled destination.

The usual suspects of service disruption affected these figures this time around with various road traffic collisions. signalling faults (at Trafford Park on 12th May and Victoria on 15th May) and a spillage on a tram amongst those recorded in the data supplied by TfGM.

* Line-by-line stats of the latest performance on Metrolink can be downloaded on the TfGM website.

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