In Pictures: Streetlife Museum of Transport, Hull

Home to three trams is the Streetlife Museum of Transport in Hull including Hull 132, on loan from the Tramway Museum Society. Also on show at this small museum are Ryde Pier 3 and Portstewart Tramway Tram Engine 1 with all three trams displayed in a mock street scene. Trevor Hall with the photos.

Hull 132 has been back in Hull for over 30 years on loan from the Tramway Museum Society and is one of the prime exhibits at the Streetlife Transport Museum. The loan agreement has recently been extended and 132 is set to remain in its home city for a number of years to come. With a request bus stop alongside the tram – and a model Hull tram in a display case beyond – this view shows 132 on display.

A view showing the lower saloon of 132.

Built in 1882 this is Portstewart Tramway Tram Engine no. 1. Quite how this tram engine from Northern Ireland made it all the way to Hull seems to be one of life’s mysteries!

The last of the tram exhibits on the street is Ryde Pier 3. Dating from 1871 this tram has a varied history having been powered by horse, electricity and petrol running along the pier in Ryde on the Isle of Wight – another tram a long way from home in Hull! (All Photographs by Trevor Hall)

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