West Midlands Metro launch new safety campaign

The latest tramway in the British Isles to release a video aimed at people using the network safely is the West Midlands Metro with their effort looking at both safety around the trams and also when on board.

The short video gives tips on being aware of your surroundings and staying wll away from the tracks before boarding the tram. It also gives basic advice on what to do when on the tram – including holding on tight and being aware of priority seats and areas for the less able to stand.

Anthony Stanley, West Midlands Metro Head of Safety, said: “We pride ourselves in providing the safest and most comfortable environment for our customers. Our record shows we take safety issues very seriously, but that doesn’t mean we will stop trying to improve even further. Most of the advice is based on sound, common sense but there’s no substitute for continuing to support our customers in using the network safely. As the network grows, so will our customer base. More people will be able to experience the benefits of travelling by tram and helping them to make their journeys safely will remain our number one priority.”

The video is available on tram information screens and also online on the West Midlands Metro website.

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